Breaking Bread with our TCM Family

Dining in Europe is much different than in the United States. The principle is the same in that it is a social time with family and friends but the process differs greatly. I believe Europeans are the best at enjoying each meal as a celebration. They take 2-3 hours to dine. They eat slowly and drink heartily and conversation flows naturally. Most dining is done outside and you find only a small amount of people dining inside. This is a stark contrast to the fast food society in America.

One of my favorite parts of working at Haus Edelweiss is the authentic Austrian meal we get to enjoy on our last evening there. This year we went to a restaurant I had not been to so that made it all the more exciting. This foodie loves to try new places! Outside the city center of Vienna, most restaurants are found within residential areas and usually look like just another house in the neighborhood. Since we dine as a large group, reservations are made ahead of time and we have three main dishes to choose from plus an appetizer and dessert. Our choices for the main dish were Wiener schnitzel, Beef rouladen or a Chanterelle mushroom goulash. For an appetizer, we could choose between a Greek salad or Austrian pancake soup. Dessert was either ice cream or apricot cake. You really couldn’t go wrong with any of these but I decided on a Greek salad, beef rouladen and apricot cake. I was able to get some pictures of other dishes to share and I even got to taste the chanterelle goulash. It was delectable.

As the meal came to an end, everyone was a little sad to leave. The breeze was lovely, the conversation had been interesting and the shared laughs bonded people together. It was our last night in this bit of paradise but we will see each other again someday. Auf Wiedersehen to the Wienerwald until we meet again!


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