Feeding 111 x3 for 7 Days

That is probably the most numbers I’ve ever used in a title but it definitely sums up what I’ve been doing for the last week at Haus Edelweiss. As a short-term worker, we are there to serve the students and professors during their intense week of classes. Another group of short-term workers take care of the same people by making beds, cleaning bathrooms, emptying trash and setting up the dining room for each meal. Yet another group takes care of the property performing tasks such as mowing the lawn, watering flowers and painting buildings. The idea is that these students come to this little piece of heaven for classes but are also able to get some rest and relaxation in while at the Haus. We take care of the little details so they can do just that. In looking at the program, you would think we are going there to bless them but every single time I’ve been blessed more than I feel I’ve blessed others. For starters, the students are so appreciative of our service and they just can’t believe Americans have flown that far to take care of them. The whole process creates great relationships and I’ve been able to make friends from all over the world. The idea of loving each other no matter race, religion, political affiliation, etc is one I feel very strongly about and that is always witnessed at Haus Edelweiss which keeps me and many others coming back.

I’ve been blessed to do this mission trip four times now and each time I’ve been in the kitchen. Although the work is hard and the 12-hour days do wear on me, I love every minute of it. Everything from prepping food to sharing the meal with others to the clean up process. It’s all exciting for me and I learn something new each time I do this. The last two trips I’ve been able to work with Theo in the kitchen. He heads up food services at the Haus and has many years experience in restaurants and catering so we understand each other. It’s fun to work with someone who understands your career and allows you to do a bit more than maybe is required because he understands and respects the skill level.

We had a great group of workers in the kitchen this session. I’ve made friends from Alaska, Indiana, Michigan and Georgia. We worked hard but also shared many laughs together. As Theo would say, “teamwork makes the dream work”. We fed 111 people three meals a day for seven days. That’s a ton of food, dishes, laundry and cleaning but the kitchen is managed so well that the system works. When it’s all said and done it’s hard to believe we did all of that in a week. My prayer is the students returned home with full bellies and happy hearts knowing they are loved.

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