European Chocolates

Have you ever been walking through your local mall when you pass by the Godiva store and they are handing out free chocolate samples? That’s a good day in my opinion! Now if you take that rich, velvety chocolate taste and compare it to let’s say a Hershey’s milk chocolate bar. What’s your thoughts on that comparison? Let me answer that for you…there is no comparison. America has just not figured out the fine art of chocolate like the Europeans have over the years. American candy bar companies add wax to their chocolate product which allows them to last longer and melt better but it doesn’t help them taste better. In this post, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite European chocolates and why you should make an effort to search these out. Many of them can be found in America now and are reasonably priced for being good, quality chocolate.

1. Godiva — originally created in Brussels, Belgium in 1926, this is one of the world leader’s in fine chocolate. Although it’s on the pricey side, it’s definitely preferred for true chocolate lovers and always makes a nice gift.

2. Lindt — originates from Switzerland and was founded in 1845. You are probably most familiar with their product Lindor Truffles. Those are the truffle balls that come in different colored foil wrappers based on their flavor. These are widely available in America now and Lindt has even opened up a manufacturing facility in New Hampshire to better serve the American markets.

3. Ritter Sport — this was created by a husband and wife in Stuttgart, Germany in 1912. Their candy bars are unique because they come in a square shape instead of the rectangle we are accustomed to seeing. Legend has it the wife suggested creating the square bar so it would fit into every sport jacket pocket without breaking. Ritter is sold in many places in America now including Walmart.

4. Milka — originated in Switzerland  in 1901 and is now manufactured in Germany and the United States. These bars are genius! They come in so many flavors and have fillings that will tempt the taste buds. They are very reasonably priced too. I’ve not been able to find these as readily in my area of the US (the Midwest) but I do know they are available in some places.

5. Manner — created in 1890 in Hernals, Austria, this is the most popular wafer chocolate bar in Austria and the surrounding areas. If you are a fan of Nutella, this wafer confection will be your dream treat. The thin wafers are lined with a hazelnut cream and stacked that way about 5 high. I’ve not found these in America yet but their website does say they are rapidly expanding into other countries.

Since I am currently visiting Austria, I had a chance to pick up some chocolates at the grocery store in Vienna yesterday. These are some I plan to give as gifts when I get back home but thought I would share them in this post. We also have a welcome reception here on campus where we get to sample some other chocolate treats as well as a few tortes. In those pictures, you will see various flavors of Lindor truffles, Rafaello coconut truffles and Mozart balls. If you are a coconut lover, I highly recommend the Rafaellos. These can be found readily in America. The Mozart balls are a unique piece of candy but very popular in Austria. They are referred to in Europe as a mozartkugel which is a small, round sugar confection made of pistachio marzipan and nougat that is covered in dark chocolate. I’m not a fan of marzipan so therefore do not care for the Mozart balls. You really can’t go wrong searching out any of these yummy confections. The moral of this story is treat yourself to some European chocolate. You deserve it!


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