Pork Steaks

Pork Steaks, sometimes referred to as pork blade steak, is a steak cut from the shoulder of a pig. Most commonly found in the Midwest and more specifically the St. Louis, MO metro area, these steaks are a cheap cut of meat from the area of the pig usually used for pulled pork. That means unlike beef steaks, they are a tougher cut of meat and need to be cooked lower and slower. Many times they are simmered in BBQ sauce while cooking to help tenderize the meat and impart that BBQ flavor.

Growing up, my Dad used a beer or two to marinate the steaks which effectively tenderized them before grilling. A bit of seasoned salt on both sides allowed the flavor of the meat to come through and then he slathered BBQ sauce on while grilling. Because our kids are not big fans of BBQ sauce, we usually grill ours to perfection and serve with BBQ sauce on the side.


NOTE: You will notice pork steaks usually have a fat strip on the side. I leave that on while grilling to impart delicious flavor but then we tend to cut some of it off before eating. It’s up to the individual person but you will be missing out on the flavor if you take the fat off before grilling.

My husband has been perfecting his grilling skills over the last few years and delivered some tasty pork steaks to celebrate Memorial Day this weekend. We kept these simple and they definitely took me back to my childhood summers. So yummy!



Pork Steaks


  • 4 pork steaks
  • 1-2 cans of beer, your preference
  • 2 tablespoons seasoned salt
  • BBQ sauce, for serving


  1. Place pork steaks in 9×13 pan and pour beer over the meat. Make sure the meat is completely covered.
  2. Cover and refrigerate; marinate for 2-3 hours.
  3. Remove pork steaks from pan and discard marinade.
  4. Sprinkle pork steaks with seasoned salt on both sides.
  5. Grill over high heat about 5-6 minutes per side, depending on thickness of the steaks.
  6. Serve with BBQ sauce.

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