We did a lot of traveling during Mother’s Day weekend this year. Our daughter’s college graduation in El Dorado, KS and then a trip to Kansas City to have dinner with our other daughter and son-in-law. There are so many food choices in Kansas City and I did my research picking one out for my Mother’s Day dinner. We landed at Stroud’s Oak Ridge Manor in northern Kansas City.

As explained on Stroud’s website…

The year was 1933. Prohibition had just been repealed, we were between two World Wars and Stroud’s Restaurant was built.

Stroud’s started as a BBQ restaurant by Guy and Helen Stroud on the county line at 85th and Troost. The road house remained a BBQ restaurant until World War II. During the war, because beef was being rationed, Helen Stroud started serving pan-fried chicken. The original chicken dinner was only $.35!

In 1977, Mike Donegan and Jim Hogan purchased Stroud’s. After inheriting a couple of Helen’s cooks and recipes, they came up with the menu we still serve today.

Don’t you just love patronizing a place with so much history? Besides the unique history, this place has won many awards including a James Beard award. That’s a prestigous award for fried chicken ya’ll!

While we did have trouble parking due to lack of space and over an hour wait for a table, it was somewhat expected considering it was a Saturday night and Mother’s Day weekend. I do give Stroud’s a high five for creating a beautiful setting outside with tables and benches for customers to wait. As we sat and talked, we kept seeing people carrying out large plastic bags and even an occasional box of food. These people had dined inside so they were not carryout orders. I kept thinking why on earth aren’t these people eating their food?

Once we were seated at our table, the waitress was immediately there to take drink orders and continued to visit often to check on us. Again, there was a bit of a wait for our food after ordering but in the end it was worth all the waiting. Stroud’s cooks pan-fry chicken in cast iron like your grandma used to make. There is nothing in the world like it!

Chicken Fried Steak as big as the oval plate it’s served on. A small order of chicken gizzards that could feed two people plus leftovers. And sides like mashed potatoes and green beans served family style in bowls overflowing with goodness. It didn’t take me long to figure out why people were walking out with bags and boxes of food. And as if that wasn’t enough culinary offerings, they brought out a huge bowl of cinnamon rolls near the end of the meal! These were not your traditional cinnamon rolls but more like a monkey bread roll covered in cinnamon and sugar. Say what? Delicious, that’s what!

We walked out of this place with our bellies full, happy to have spent time with family and toting our own bags of leftovers.

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