Kehde’s BBQ

On a recent road trip across Missouri US 50 to Kansas, we stopped in Sedalia, MO to see where the state fair is held and to eat at Kehde’s across from the fairground. Kehde’s is another restaurant on the “21 Restaurants You Have to Visit in Missouri Before You Die“ which is a bucket list item for my husband and I. This BBQ joint is run by third generation family members who serve up their fare in an old MKT railcar. The seats are tiny and there’s not much walking space but the atmosphere is a unique piece of history. They do have another dining area but of course we opted for the railcar. Kehde’s also showcases many antique railroad items throughout the restaurant but my favorite relic was the bright blue Pepsi vending machine.

Although they are famous for their BBQ, most of us chose a different route as we’ve been eating way too much on this trip and couldn’t handle anything too heavy. I ordered the Slaw Dog — an all-beef hot dog covered in homemade slaw, mustard, onion and relish. It was a delicious albeit messy choice. I paired the dog with an order of fried cheesy cauliflower and a frosty mug of root beer. I give mad props to places who still serve a cold mug of my childhood! It always reminds me of our hometown A&W and all the fun times we had there while growing up. The hubs chose The Alamo — a sandwich of grilled tenderloin with Swiss cheese, grilled onions and peppers served on a hoagie roll and toasted to perfection. Our son was the only one who ordered BBQ because let’s be honest the boy cannot pass up ribs. He and my husband both were served a large vat of french fries…more than one person could ever eat! Kehde’s also offers several desserts which we decided to pass on this time but they sure did look yummy.



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