Pumpkin Pointers

It’s my favorite time of year…Fall! And what is more synonymous with Fall than pumpkins? I buy pumpkins for carving at Halloween time but then I buy a whole new set of pumpkins for my Thanksgiving decorations. They are present at our house for about two months each year.

According to an article on finder.com, Americans were expected to spend $618 million dollars on pumpkins for carving in 2017. At an average price of $4.12 per pumpkin, that’s an estimated 150 million pumpkins being turned into jack-o-lanterns! With that much cash flowing through the pumpkin patch, I wanted to share some tips on choosing, cleaning and carving your pumpkin. Happy Fall Ya’ll!

SELECT IT: Look for a stem that doesn’t appear shriveled or brittle. The stem is one of the best barometers of freshness.

USE IT: Once you have the insides cleaned out…roast those pumpkin seeds for a great snack. Cook the pumpkin flesh and freeze so you have access to fresh pumpkin for baking all year round.

CARVE IT: Use a keyhole or drywall saw to prevent cuts to your hand. Available for around $4, these tools have easy-grip handles for more carving control.

PRESERVE IT: Kill decay-causing bacteria by mixing a tablespoon of bleach with a quart of water and use a cloth to wipe the pumpkin inside and out with the mixture. Then rub petroleum jelly on all cut surfaces to keep moisture in and new bacteria out.


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