The Corner Restaurant

By recommendation of my cousin, James, we made our way to The Corner Restaurant for brunch while we were in Kansas City. James is a brunch pro and I knew he wouldn’t disappoint. My brother Chris and His wife Jen joined us for brunch so I was able to get a peek at several of their dishes.

This restaurant is in what I would call a hipster part of KC and has lots of great shopping around it. Unfortunately, it was Sunday and the shops were closed or I’m sure Jen and I would have stopped in at an antique store or two! We had a short wait for a table but were able to sit outside and enjoy the weather for a bit.

I purposely ask James for a brunch recommendation because (a) I’ve never done a real brunch meal. (b) I’ve never had a mimosa. (c) I love eggs Benedict! So it was not hard for me to decide what I was having. They had several choices for eggs Benedict and I decided on the short ribs Benedict. Let me just share the description so you understand how mouthwatering delicious this dish was — two large English muffins, poached eggs, tomato stewed collard greens and hollandaise with a side of house potatoes. Oh my word! The combination of the short ribs and collard greens with the smoothness of the hollondaise and egg yolk was divine! Along with my blood orange mimosa, it was a perfect meal.

As for the others, their meals did not disappoint either. There was such generous amounts of food, none of us were able to completely finish our meal. Jim ordered a “Build Your Own Scramble-fuls” with scrambled eggs, elk sausage, mushrooms and smoked gouda cheese served with house potatoes and sour dough toast. Chris enjoyed an oyster po’ boy sandwich and Jen ended up with a heaping helping of biscuits and gravy she couldn’t even finish. I also got to try a bloody mary for the first time as Chris shared a sip of his. It only took a sip for me to know that is not my favorite drink. I like all the extras they put in the glass way more than I like the actual drink!

I apologize for my pictures, they are so cloudy because of the sun filtering through their burlap curtains. These pictures do not give the food their due justice but just know the plating was spectacular and the food tasted even better. Stop at The Corner the next time you’re in KC!

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