Sugarfire Smokehouse

Smoked Meats. Interesting Sauces. Crazy Sandwich Creations. Fun Foodie Environment. Today’s post is about none other than Sugarfire Smokehouse. After seeing their Facebook posts every day for several months, I was expecting a lot from this experience. The hubs and I went there for our date day this past weekend and I was not disappointed.

We ordered the “Meat Daddy” which was all 5 meats they offer with two sides. We also ordered the pork belly hush puppies with jalapeno jelly. I tried each meat without sauce and then with a couple different sauces. The best combination for me was the beef brisket with their white sauce, which has a kick of horseradish. I’m not a big turkey fan but theirs had a great smoke ring and was so juicy! They also have a Coffee BBQ sauce that will make every java fan happy.

Sugarfire Smokehouse has several locations in the St. Louis area. We visited the Sugarfire 44 location near Valley Park. You should visit this place fast and in a hurry! They have a daily menu but they also have daily specials listed on their Facebook page.

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