Giving Thanks…in a Hurry

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday for cooking and entertaining. This year I was determined to be organized and plan ahead. At the beginning of November, I started looking at recipes, planning my table settings, decorations, etc. I went grocery shopping ten days early so I didn’t have to fight the crowds during Thanksgiving week.
And then, exactly one week before Thanksgiving we found out my daughter was offered a job in Texas and they wanted her to start in one week! This news resulted in a mad dash to thaw a turkey quicker than I’ve ever done before followed by two full days of baking, prepping and cooking so we could enjoy our Thanksgiving meal with her before she moved. Here is our Thanksgiving menu for this year with links to the recipes included. If you’re still looking for a recipe to use this year, try one out and let me know what you think.
2015 Thanksgiving Menu

I failed to get a picture of all the dishes…just too much going on that day but here are a few that we did take:

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Aside from the food aspect of Thanksgiving, my favorite part is the showing “thanks” tradition. Our family does this in a variety of ways but one of my favorites is a tablecloth we started writing on in 2011. Each person at dinner writes what they’re thankful for that year on the tablecloth and then we bring it back out the next year to continue the tradition. Everyone always has fun reading the notes and remembering special times we’ve shared. I love the entertaining portion of Thanksgiving and always try to include something special for the table setting. This year I pulled a few ideas from Pinterest and they were a big hit!

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Even with the last minute notice we pulled off a great Thanksgiving celebration. I am grateful and blessed by family, food and fun!

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