LaChance Vineyards

We’ve always had good wineries in Missouri but who would have imagined 10 years ago that we would have multiple wineries in Jefferson County today? I have to admit I have not patronized any of them until today. We wanted to check out the new winery less than 10 minutes from our house. LaChance Vineyards really surprised me. It is in a beautiful location, with great music, tasty wines and lots of wonderful spots to sit and enjoy it all.
Our daughter Lauren and her fiancee Wesley joined us on this beautiful Fall day. We did a wine tasting first to decide which wines we were most interested in buying. Jim and I chose Covered Bridge which is a semi-dry white wine and A Rose is a Rose’ which is a blush wine. We usually tend to favor sweeter wines but really enjoyed their semi-dry white. Lauren & Wesley decided to try a Fall special sangria that the owner makes himself. All of the wines were delicious and all our snacks we brought along with us went perfectly with the wine. I encourage you to check out LaChance on your next winery trip!

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