Taste of St. Louis – 2011

One of my favorite things to do each year…Taste of St. Louis! I’m so lucky that my friends Sharon and Sarah tagged along with me to celebrate my birthday at one of the best food fests in the Lou. We didn’t have much time this year so I didn’t make it to any of the Chef competitions but I experienced some tasty food, fun music and crazy people. It was a great day!

One of the most interesting creations I tried was from Tigin’s Irish Pub…a corned beef wrap…corned beef, cabbage slaw and a creamy mustard wrapped in a traditional boxty. What is a boxty you ask? (I asked too) It’s a traditional Irish potato pancake.

You always have that one dish you are so excited to try that you forget to take a picture of it. For me on this day, that was a gator ragoon from Molly’s in Soulard. As much as I love crab rangoon, this was a superb twist on the ordinary!

While it was not a new experience, it was a familiar one that can’t be passed up. A sampling of love from The Drunken Fish…sesame teriyaki chicken wing, California roll & Philly cheesesteak roll. The cheesesteak roll was unbelievable!


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