Papa Roux

Based on a friend’s recommendation, my husband and I stopped by Papa Roux Cajun restaurant recently. This friend lives in the area, knows the owner and highly recommends this place. I am forever grateful to her for letting me in on this little piece of Cajun heaven.

Their menu reads: Best Sandwich. Evar. French bread stuffed to the gills. Dressed with our own Cajun Vouxdoux Sauce and housemade Fresh Coleslaw. Welcome to Enlightenment. Welcome to the Roux.

Every bit of that info on the menu is true. This is authentic Cajun and worth checking out. Next time you’re around Indy, stop by and enjoy a proper Po Boy sandwich.

I had the pulled pork Po Boy and I came home a very happy girl! Besides the awesome food, there are three other reasons I dig this place:

  1. The atmosphere is fun
  2. They have menu items with descriptions such as: Frito Pie – hot freakin’ mess of lovin’
  3. They offer unlimited sides (10 different choices) to dine-in customers

Ça c’est bon!

pulled pork po boy

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