Tamalada Party

Anybody out there ever made tamales or empanadas? My husband and I accomplished it for the first time last night. We made about 50 tamales to share with our Bible study group. We also made banana empanadas for dessert. I decided tamales are like crab legs…after a lot of work you get to a very tasty end! The time it took to make tamales was well worth the enjoyment of eating them.

My husband and I decided to have a “Tamalada Party” – a.k.a. tamale rolling party. We tackled the preparation, rolling and steaming of the tamales with enthusiasm. However, I did not have the proper steaming basket so our enthusiasm began to dwindle when we realized how long steaming would take but we made due with what we had on hand. This is a lengthy process even with the proper tools so I would highly suggest having those tools to make it easier on you.

I know we watched a video on YouTube that showed us how to make the tamales but I didn’t save the link and am not sure now which one we viewed. I did a search and found a great demonstration video from the allrecipes.com website:


I also found a very similar recipe to the one we used on the allrecipes.com website:

Beef Tamales

The dessert portion of our party was delicious too! Here is the recipe for the empanadas:

Banana Empanadas


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