Giving Thanks with Paula Deen

The holidays are my favorite time of year to cook. I love to feed people and see the enjoyment they get from eating food I’ve prepared. I had two shining moments this Thanksgiving — the first when I tried a new recipe for stuffing and it was a success. The second when 3 family members took their first bite of my pecan pie and simultaneously said, “Mmmmm”! That has to be my favorite response because it is a natural reaction from your taste buds.

A fellow foodie posted pictures of his Thanksgiving meal on Facebook recently and titled the picture, “All love letters aren’t written, some are made”. What an awesome tribute to the love that foodies put into every dish.

Most of the meal this year was simple, everyday recipes which kept my stress level way down. However, I did try a new stuffing recipe from Paula Deen which was delicious. A couple years ago, I tried a Paula Deen recipe for sweet potatoes and my family insists on them every year now. The sweet potato balls are time consuming but worth it and they have a fun surprise in the middle. I’ve included links to both of these recipes below. Try them out and let me know what you think.

Thanksgiving Menu:

In all things give thanks!


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