Taste of St. Louis – 2010

The Taste of St. Louis festival is a regional event with patrons, restaurants, chefs and vendors coming from all over the St. Louis region and beyond. The best part about this festival for me is that it’s held downtown with a view of the Arch and some of my favorite historical buildings.

Some of the festivals attractions include:

My friends who joined me at the festival were so gracious and allowed me to spend some time at the chef competitions. The festival pits a couple local St. Louis chefs against each other in various food battles and then hosts a panel of celebrity judges to pick the winner of each battle. Speaking of the judging panel, it included something close to my heart…Panera. Mark McDonough, R&D project manager for Panera served as one of the judges for the chef competition I watched. Also on the panel of judges was Chef Mark Bynum, a Chopped champion from Food Network. He was a very personable guy!

As I walked around to perusing the different food vendors, this lifelong Cardinals fan had a moment. Not the moment I would have experienced if Jim Edmonds was standing there himself but a special moment nonetheless. At the Jim Edmonds Steakhouse booth sat a display of his jersey and one of the actual golden glove awards he’s won in the past. When I walked up to take a pic of the golden glove, a guy at the booth said “You can hold it if you want. Just don’t sell the pic to the newspaper. Jimmie would kill me!” How funny but a cool experience for this Cards fan!

One vendor who always steals the show wherever he shows up in the STL is Mr. Hank “the Angel” Cheesecake. This man has confidence about himself and his product because he walks around wearing angel wings made of real feathers! His company, Hank’s Cheesecakes, boasts a tagline that read “Best Cheesecake This Side of Heaven.” And they weren’t lying…it was sooooo good! I sampled key lime cheesecake with raspberry sauce.

We are a regional event with patrons, restaurants, chefs and vendors coming from all over the St. Louis region and beyond

This was my first experience at Taste of St. Louis and what a great birthday present for this foodie! The festival was abundant with amazing food, exciting chef competitions and great music. I’ll definitely be returning next year!

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