Findlay Market

Each year, we try to do something special for our wedding anniversary. We prefer to have adventures in new places instead of buying each other gifts. This year with Jim working in Indiana, we decided to head for Cincinnati, OH for the weekend. Of course our adventures always include a culinary aspect and boy did we find a good one on this trip!

Findlay Market in downtown Cincinnati is similar to Soulard Market in St. Louis but much bigger in size. There are vendors everywhere selling jewelry, homemade bath products, fruits & veggies, pottery and many ordinary and extraordinary food products inside. Everything from giant turkey wings and thick steaks to ground camel meat and a machine that makes fresh peanut butter while you wait. The dessert options didn’t disappoint either with cream puffs as big as a newborn’s head and giant slabs of fudge. It was a foodie extravaganza!

Because they had such a wide variety of meats and cheeses from around the world, we decided to buy a few and have lunch there at the market.  Our lunch spread consisted of herb goat cheese, smoked gouda, farmer’s cheese, sweet Italian soprresato, spicy salami and some bread fresh out of the oven. For dessert we sampled a pecan bar and another dessert (I can’t remember the name.) from a Greek stand. The kicker was later in the day we found the most amazing gelato place called Dojo Gelato with interesting flavors like Ruby Red Grapefruit & Tarragon Sorbetto, Churro, Cranberry & Green Apple Sorbetto, Lemon Rosemary Sorbetto, Vietnamese Coffee, Belgian Chocolate, Tahitian Vanilla and Salty Caramel. No, we did not pass it up even though we had desserts with your lunch. Yummy!

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